Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to AstraZeneca Recruitment. The FAQ’s are organized by categories listed below, to better assist your needs and overall user experience.

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About AstraZeneca

Does AstraZeneca allow persons that want to learn more about AstraZeneca to visit and tour their facility?

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to welcome individuals to visit and tour our site. Please read more about us on

How many people does AstraZeneca employ worldwide?

We employ around 51,000 employees
• 34.8% in Europe
• 26.7% in the Americas
• 37.5% in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Australasia

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Agency and Supplier

How can I become a supplier to AstraZeneca?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to AstraZeneca. We operate a tightly controlled preferred supplier list for all permanent and temporary recruitment across all functions, and we have no plans to update our preferred supplier list at the current time.

Please be aware that we do not accept unsolicited CV's/resumes from staffing vendors, including recruitment agencies and/or search firms and we will not pay fees to any such vendors, other than those on our preferred supplier list.

We politely request that you refrain from contacting HR or Purchasing at the current time and ask that you do not approach or solicit AstraZeneca hiring managers regarding these matters.

If you are interested in being considered for any future review, please email

Does AstraZeneca accept speculative applications submitted by Agencies?

No, AstraZeneca does not accept speculative applications from agencies.

Is it best to use a recruitment agency to represent me?

We would much prefer to have a conversation with you directly.  We believe applying online yourself directly is the most efficient and effective way to apply for jobs with AstraZeneca.

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Animal Testing & Clinical Studies

What is the AstraZeneca policy in regards to testing on animals?

Who do I contact if I would like to attend clinical testing?

AstraZeneca has made a strategic decision to stop doing clinical studies in house. Since 2009, AstraZeneca uses clinics to do this on behalf of the organisation and therefore we no longer recruit people for clinical studies.

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Application & Hiring Process

What selection methods does AstraZeneca use?

For each position, we evaluate the most appropriate selection methods according to the skills and knowledge required for each role. Depending on the position and your area of knowledge, it may involve interviews, a presentation, or a group/individual exercises.

For certain positions, particularly in graduate recruitment roles, we may invite you to take part in an assessment event with other applicants, which will give you the opportunity to take part in situations that reflect the position you applied for. These events will enable you to fairly demonstrate your natural skills and competencies.

How is my application progressing?

Shortly after submitting your application, you’ll receive an email acknowledgment. We’ll review your application as quickly as possible, but if there’s a specific application deadline, you’re unlikely to hear from us until after that time. You can also check the status of your application by logging into our application system.

When can I expect to receive feedback on my application?

This can vary depending on each particular vacancy, but you will receive an acknowledgement by email soon after we receive your application. When you create your profile, you can check your application status by logging in. Usually you will receive feedback within 14 days from the closing date for the role. It is not company policy to provide feedback to candidates who have been rejected prior to an interview.  

Due to a large response of candidates, there are a number of applicants whose skills and experiences closely match the requirements for the position. If you have been invited in for interview you will receive a communication via telephone or email.  Unsuccessful applications will receive a communication within five days of the decision being made. 

My application has not been successful on a number of different occasions, can you please let me know why?

Many people apply for open positions whose skills and knowledge closely match the requirements of the role. We use a strong criteria-based process when short-listing candidates factoring the minimum requirement of the role.

Do I have to provide one application per opening?

Yes, you apply for all roles you are interested in. Your profile is stored in the system and you can access it using your username and password.

What do I need to bring to the interview with me?

You need to bring valid identification and a copy of your resume/cv. In some geographies, copies of documentation to support your educational qualification and previous employer may also be necessary. You may also want to bring writing samples if writing is a key requirement for the role.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes, you can choose to withdraw your application at any time during the recruitment process. Please click "withdraw my application."

I'm a remote Sales rep and I forgot to upload my photo after accepting my offer. How can I add it?

United States

This would depend on your current status. If you accepted our offer and your background check status is pending, you would be able to go back to the link in your offer and upload your photo.  If not, then our Admin team will reach out to you and obtain your photo then upload it into our application system on your behalf.

When can I expect to see my offer/contract?

You will receive your offer from a member of the AstraZeneca Recruitment team, who will send you the contractual information along with other important information regarding AstraZeneca and your new position. The timing will vary.


Can I mail my application instead of applying on-line?

We request that all candidates apply online where ever possible; this will enable efficiency of process and contact being made directly to the candidate within a timely manner. We will only accept paper applications if the individual has no way to apply online.

Can you share any hints and tips about what I should consider when applying for a job at AstraZeneca?

Here are some points to consider:

• Make sure you answer each question fully and properly. Your objective is to ensure that you’ve presented clear evidence that you possess all the qualities and skills that we require. 
• Sell yourself, but make sure your arguments are relevant, focused and truthful. 
• Think of the person reviewing your application. Cut sections into shorter paragraphs and develop the details of your answer. 
• We are interested in what you've done, but we are even more interested in what you’ve achieved and learned. 
• Always reflect and re-write before completing detailed questions online. 
• Check grammar and spelling, and get someone to proofread your application. 
• Print a copy of your application; you might need to refer to it later.


How do I best prepare for an interview?

Interviews are a critical part of the selection procedure at AstraZeneca and enable us to answer a number of key questions:

  • Will you be able to perform well at the job?
  • Do you have the potential to progress and lead?
  • Are you enthusiastic and motivated?
  • Will you work well in a team?

Of course, an interview should be a two-way process and you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Tell us more about yourself, including your skills and experience.
  • Learn more about the position, the company, our culture and our values.
  • Practice your interview technique and build self-awareness.

Does AstraZeneca reimburse my travel expenses if I come for an interview?

Yes, we will reimburse your expenses if you travel more than 100km for an interview.  You will be reimbursed for approved travel expenses by completing the appropriate form in your interview packet and returning it in the provided self-addressed envelope.

I have received a job offer from AstraZeneca however have not applied for such a job with AstraZeneca?

We would advise you to be wary of approaches that appear to be offering a job for which you have not applied, especially if personal details or money must be sent in order to proceed with the recruitment. Neither AstraZeneca nor any commissioned third parties recruit in this manner. Such approaches are almost certainly fraudulent attempts to gain details of identity for illegal use.

Can I resubmit an updated cover letter and resume once I have submitted my application?

You can upload a revised CV/resume or cover letter once you have submitted your application. We would however advise against doing this as the version you’ve have already submitted may already be being reviewed by the recruiting team. If the role is still open, we would suggest that you withdraw your application and then re-apply with your revised documents. Alternatively, please contact your local recruitment team who may be able to amend this for you manually. We would always recommend that you ensure that you are happy with your resume and application before you submit it to ensure that your most up to date documents are considered.

How are new employees welcomed into AstraZeneca?

Our on boarding programme starts from the moment you decide to join us. We believe that the impression you receive when you first join AstraZeneca will have a lasting impact on how you view the organisation. That’s why our on-boarding and induction process will help you have a better understanding of our culture and ways of working. 

We specifically designed a site for new employees that’s user friendly. Here you can find all of the necessary documentation located as well as further information regarding our culture and passions that make working for AstraZeneca so exciting. Our company values remain the same across all regions, so all of the information is available regardless of where you are in the world. You can explore the New Hire Site to prepare for employment with AstraZeneca here To enter choose “Global” from the dropdown and log in with the below credentials.

Username: astrazeneca
Password: welcome

Will I have the opportunity to travel?

AstraZeneca maintains a corporate presence in over 100 countries worldwide. AstraZeneca does expect employees to travel if this is a requirement of the job. For those in positions where travel is not required, conference calls, video conferencing and communications will keep you fully up to date and in touch with Global colleagues and suppliers.

What about mobility? Is it possible to change jobs within AstraZeneca and is that practice encouraged?

We work across the globe and actively promote mobility to ensure we transfer the required skills where needed, but also to meet the professional development aspirations of the individuals we recruit. We work hard to ensure opportunities are available and we encourage all employees to discuss any aspirations they have with their manager, so they too have a clear understanding of individual personal development and career aspirations.

Could I pursue an international career at AstraZeneca?

Yes. For many employees international assignments offer an enhanced career pathway that may not exist within other organisations. These opportunities exist for high performing employees who demonstrate high performance and the ability to succeed.

Who is responsible for the Induction?

The line manager is responsible for a new recruit's induction, but would not be expected to cover all of the elements personally. For example the line manager/supervisor could explain the departmental organisation, the requirements of the job, the purpose, and the performance review system. A senior manager could give an overview of the organisation, its history, products and services, quality system and culture. A Mentor or 'buddy' could be made available as a colleague, to aid the settling-in period. There are also activities that the new starter can proactively undertake to aid their transition into their new organisation and to increase their performance and development. 

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Application System

Who do I contact if I am having problems with my application?

Please send an email to the appropriate country email address below and provide a detailed description of the problem and include screen prints, if possible.  This will help us quickly act on your request.    

Please send an email to
Please send an email to
Please send an email to

What is the file size limit for attachments to my application/profile?

The size of each document cannot exceed 250 KB. Remember that pictures and graphics affect the size of the document. Type of document can be CV or other general documents.

How do I create my profile in the system?

Use the link "Create/Access my profile" to add your profile in the system.  You can receive information regarding vacancies that match your profile.

When adding your profile you first need to agree to the AstraZeneca legal statement.  As a new user you need to create a username and password before you apply (please note that å, ä and ö cannot be used here). If your username is already taken for example Jackie, consider using Jackie2 and so on.

You can log in again using your username and password in order to make changes or updates to your profile at anytime. You will be asked questions regarding education and work experience to match you with the right vacancies. When vacancies matching your profile are posted, you will receive an email that invites you to apply.

How do I apply for a job in the system?

To apply and read about a vacancy, click on the job title and then Apply. Please make sure you write your email address correctly for future contact.  At the top of the page is the page number with the total number of pages, followed by an indicator that shows how far you are in the application process.  You will be asked to fill in information about education and work experience and will need to attach a general CV. We recommend you paste or type your cover letter for the specific job that you are applying for. Please note the size of each document cannot exceed 250 KB. Remember that pictures and graphics affect the size of the document. 


What if I forget my password?

Click the link "Please email my password to me" from the start page.

I have applied for jobs at AstraZeneca before, but the system does not seem to recognize my username?

If you have applied prior to August 2, 2010, you will need to create a new account. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

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How large will the Cambridge campus be?

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus site is a growing and thriving hub for world-renowned biomedical activity. The AstraZeneca facility will occupy approximately 11 acres of the 70-acre campus, which benefits from a central Cambridge location and strong infrastructure links.

When is AstraZeneca moving to Cambridge?

Our programme to increase our Cambridge presence has already started.  This year an additional 400 employees, mostly scientists, will begin their work at temporary sites in Melbourn Science Park, the Cambridge Science Park and Granta Park. We are actively recruiting into roles now to build on these numbers.  At the same time, we’re progressing the planning on our new permanent location at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

By 2016, our new site will house a highly skilled workforce of approximately 2,000.

Who will AstraZeneca partner with in the Cambridge area?

In a world where partnerships and collaborations drive medical progress, becoming an integral part of the unique Cambridge scientific community is very important to us.

We are already partnered with a number of leading research organisations in the Cambridge area including the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals, the University of Cambridge Department of Oncology, the Babraham Institute and the Medical Research Council.

In March 2014, we entered into a ground-breaking collaboration with the Medical Research Council. Research will be aimed at better understanding human disease and our operations will be headquartered at our Cambridge site when it is completed in 2016. 

What areas of science will Cambridge focus on?

The site in Cambridge will be our largest centre for oncology research, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory, inflammation and autoimmune diseases and conditions of the central nervous system. 

The facility will also allow us to bring together AstraZeneca’s small molecule and biologics research and development activity, opening up opportunities to exploit the promise of small and large molecule combinations. 

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Contractors and Temporary Roles

What is the process for contractors to apply for roles at AstraZeneca?

Fixed term contractors on AstraZeneca contracts can apply for internal positions and will be considered together with the internal pool of candidates.

Internal candidates will be considered prior to external candidates in all recruitment campaigns.  Contractors/temporary staff not on AstraZeneca contracts will be able to apply as external candidates. 


When can I apply for holiday work?

Summer holiday work is usually advertised during January-February. We only accept applications via the application system.

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Data Privacy

Who has access to my application/profile?

Please review the Data Privacy statement in the system where you submit your application. There you can find information about Data Privacy at AstraZeneca.

How is AstraZeneca accessing my browsed documents?

The system creates a document that is attached to our application system. We do not receive a link to your private documents.

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Eligibility to Work

Is a work permit necessary?

AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage diversity in the workplace. Current British Laws state that we cannot employ a person who doesn’t have permission to live and work in the UK or Europe.  In most cases we are unable to apply for work permits until all European Economic Area/EU options have been exhausted. 

It is therefore not always possible to secure work permits for Graduate and PhD opportunities.  However we would still encourage applications for these roles so that we can look at all options available for work permits or sponsorship in line with local immigration legislation.


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Equal Employment

Does the company employ individuals with disabilities?

Yes, of course.  AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity employer and all recruitment is based on merit.

Do you have an upper age limit for applicants?

No. As an equal opportunity employer we have no upper age limit for applications.  The most suitably qualified and experienced individual will be offered the role, irrespective of age. To learn more about the demographics of AstraZeneca employees click here

Does the company employ military veterans?

Yes, of course. AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity and military-friendly employer and all recruitment is based on merit. Check out our military recruitment site for more information on our commitment to and support of military veterans' transition into the workplace.

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Job Vacancies

How can I find out about vacancies at AstraZeneca?

Click here to view all vacant positions at AstraZeneca: This includes internships, graduate programmes, Postdoc progammes and MBA programmes.

Does AstraZeneca have a CV-database to which I can send my cover letter and CV to watch out for new roles?

We operate a system of Job Alerts, please log onto the system and create an alert which matches your requirements.

What education background is required to work at AstraZeneca?

We employ individuals with a varied background across our business.  The specific educational background requirements will be outlined in the job profile of the roles we advertise.  Please ensure you fulfil the requirements for any specific position you apply for.

How often do you post new roles?

It is difficult to provide a view of when we post roles.  We regularly have new opportunities. By using job alerts, you will be the first to hear of a new role posted.

Are all of your vacancies advertised on your website?

Yes, all of our current vacancies are advertised on our website.

We recommend you visit our careers website at where you can both search and apply for all our current job opportunities.  If you don’t find anything of interest you can sign-up for our job alert service via either e-mail or SMS and let the jobs come to you.

How does AstraZeneca decide where to post their vacancies in publications?

We work in partnership with a recruitment marketing agency to choose the appropriate media to post openings. If you are in the media, you may contact for recruitment media placement considerations. For Sweden; please contact our local agency Nowa Kommunikation on

Does AstraZeneca employ entry level Associates?

Since our Sales roles require less experienced individuals, the Sales area most likely would employ entry-level associates. However, the decision is driven by the specific needs of the individual Hiring Manager and the make-up of his or her Sales team. In Non-Sales areas there is a much greater need for specific experience in the related functional area, therefore there are very limited opportunities for entry-level associates in Non-Sales. But, we do offer graduate associates programs for new graduates. Click here to learn more: 


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Screening Requirements

Does AstraZeneca conduct Drug and Health screening as part of the Recruitment process?

For all new hires we require alcohol and drug testing.

Why do I need Security Screening?

AstraZeneca’s policy is to undertake pre-employment security screening for posts within the Company that are considered to be at risk from potential infiltration by organisations whose objectives conflict with business aims of the Company. 

Our principles for Security Screening include:       

  • Security screening will only be undertaken with the individual’s written authorisation.
  • Security screening must be undertaken within the Company culture and values of openness and honesty.
  • The security screening process must not discriminate against the individual with regard to gender, sexual orientation, colour, religion or age.

Pre-employment security screening is conducted on individuals for the purposes of verifying:

  • Current address and date of birth;
  • Educational, professional or trade qualifications; o Membership of professional bodies;
  • Identification of any unspent convictions;
  • Details contained within their Curriculum Vitae/Application submitted;
  • Information shared during recruitment process;
  • That the individual does not have associations with groups whose aims are in conflict with the Company’s culture and values, or business aspirations.

Why do I need a Medical Screening?

Medical screening is necessary to ascertain whether the candidate is fit to carry out the role being offered.

Why do you Request References?

References are obtained and checked as a precaution prior to the commencement of employment. They will be used to gather an opinion from previous employers about the candidate’s suitability for the position, and can also be used for the purpose of:

  • Verifying the candidate’s stated experience and career history
  • Obtaining a record of statutory sick pay and parental leave
  • Confirming the candidate’s reason for leaving his/her most recent position
  • Obtaining data concerning most recent salary. 

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Student and Internships

How do I do my graduate thesis work within AstraZeneca in Sweden?

We receive a lot of inquiries regarding internships in Europe. This is not the case in Sweden, where the opportunities for an internship are limited. In Sweden, it is more common to do your graduate thesis project at a company.

AstraZeneca in Sweden has a lot of graduate thesis projects each year, mainly in the fields of life science and technology. The projects normally start in January or August and last for one semester. To find an open position for thesis work or apply for holiday work, visit Lediga tjänster/Vacancies. Please visit our website regularly to find these positions. The application period is from mid-January to the end of February.

How will the IMED Graduate Programme work?

You would join AZ on a two year fixed term contract and will complete 3 placements of 8 months each across different parts of Innovative Medicines and Early Development. We want to focus on ensuring that you obtain breadth of experience at this stage and will provide as much exposure to as many different parts of Innovative Medicines and Early Development as possible.

How will my performance in the IMED Graduate Programme be managed?

Performance management is a continuous process at AstraZeneca. You should expect to have regular discussions with in terms of your performance with your placement manager and mentor. Your placement manager is also the person who would conduct your end of placement review.

What are the opportunities for development in the IMED Graduate Programme?

You will be encouraged to grow and develop throughout the two year programme. A number of development interventions will be put into place including drug discovery and development training as well as other relevant technical and specific placement training. All interns will also be enrolled into our global graduate development programme to supplement the on placement skills and experience.

Tell me more about the IMED Graduate development programme?

We are working with an external partner who specialises in graduate development. The development programme will focus on three core areas of “being successful”, “succeeding with projects” and “succeeding with people”. All interns in the programme will travel to a global location to complete the three modules. The modules will then be supplemented with pre and post workshop interventions including the use of a range of online tools and technologies. All interns in the programme will also form global learning network groups to support each other through the programme. Your line managers and mentors will also be trained to ensure that you gain the most benefit from this opportunity.

Will I have a choice of where my placement would be in the IMED Graduate Program?

You would have regular discussions with your mentor, placement and programme manager in order to establish your development needs and aspirations. This will then be used to help us make a decision of what placement is best for you in conjunction with resources, logistics, project and business need.

What does the opportunity for sponsored PhD study mean in the IMED Graduate Programme?

This means that at the end of the two-year programme there may be opportunities for some interns who secure a permanent role to undertake an AstraZeneca fund PhD programme. This is not guaranteed as part of the programme but could be considered if there was the appropriate business need and if it was relevant for the development of the individual.

Will I obtain a permanent role at the end of the IMED Graduate Programme?

We are not able to guarantee you a permanent role at AstraZeneca at the end of the programme. Some interns are likely to secure permanent roles within the organisation whilst others may leave AZ to pursue a career externally or to return to university to complete a PhD which could potentially be sponsored by AZ. Whatever the outcome at the end of the programme we are confident that you will benefit significantly from the skills and experience that you would obtain from the completion of the programme at AstraZeneca.

What will the selection process look like for the IMED Graduate Programme?

We have developed a robust selection process that will enable us to select the best candidates to join our programme. This will consist of a number of different types of exercises and interviews. You would be given information in advance in terms of how you could best prepare for our selection event if you are shortlisted.

What if I cannot make the selection dates for the IMED Graduate Programme that you have indicated?

As we hold global events at a number of our key R&D sites we will be unable to offer an alternative date for candidates who cannot make the dates that we have advertised on our vacancies.

Will I have an opportunity to work overseas as part of the IMED Graduate Programme?

An overseas placement could be considered if this was aligned to your individual development and business need but is not guaranteed.

What is the role of the mentor in the IMED Graduate Program?

The mentor is a person who will support you for the duration of the programme by offering advice and support. The mentor is also there to challenge your thinking and to provide a different perspective to that of the placement and programme manager.

How much of the IMED Graduate Programme will be spent in Cheshire versus Cambridge in the UK?

AstraZeneca will be relocating its R&D Headquarters to Cambridge in 2016. Some employees are likely to make the transition to Cambridge in advance of this so there is a strong possibility that UK interns will complete at least some of the programme at Cambridge but we are unable to be more specific on this at this stage.

When must I have graduated to be considered for the Operations and IT Global Graduate Program?

You must have graduated within the past three years.

Can I apply for more than one Operations and IT Global Graduate position?

In your application you should indicate which of the disciplines within Operations that you wish to be considered for (e.g. Supply Chain, Quality Management, Procurement, Information Technology or Engineering). You may express a preference to be considered for more than one of the disciplines. There is no requirement for you to submit multiple applications for each position you are interested in.

What should I focus on in my application for the Operations and IT Global Graduate Program?

Your application should aim to show the skills, qualifications and experience you have that are relevant to this program. You should also tell us what you know about AstraZeneca and its global operations business. It would be helpful for you also to describe your motivations, career aspirations, your strengths and weaknesses and any examples of where you believe you have shown great judgment, drive and/or influence.

Am I guaranteed a job when I finish the Operations and IT Global Graduate Program?

We guarantee roles to those graduates who have met the required performance levels and have demonstrated the required levels of ambition and proactivity throughout the program. Should you not be on target to achieve any of these criteria, this will be discussed with you throughout the program as part of the normal performance management processes. Our intention is to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the program.

Can you tell me more about the experience and development opportunities within the Global Operations and IT Graduate Program?

The AZ Operations and IT Graduate Programme provides opportunities for graduates to carry out real, meaningful and challenging roles right across the business – where an individual can see how his/her work is contributing to the delivery of AstraZeneca’s objectives. We do not create “trainee” roles or create additional work for graduates to do – they all carry out work that is essential and needed to be done within the business. The intention here is to give graduates experience in four different roles over a three year period of time where a breadth of skills are developed. The roles can be as broad as procurement of scientific laboratory equipment through to logistics and distribution of pharmaceutical products and can be located at any AstraZeneca site across the world.

How do you decide on the “best-fit” placement within the Global Operations and IT Graduate Program?

Initially, AstraZeneca aligns a graduate to a “best-fit” part of the organisation based on information gathered from the application and interview stages of the assessment process. The remaining placements are determined via discussion on aspirations, ambition and the performance demonstrated, and are tailored to the individual needs of each graduate. No two experiences are the same although the objectives of each placement (to broaden business acumen and develop leadership experience) are the same.

When will you open the application period for your Operations and IT Global Graduate Program?

Can you tell me more about the IT Graduate Program?

The IT Graduate Program is integrated into the broader AZ Operations and IT Graduate Program where participants gain experience across a number of different business areas. The logic here is that the best IT Managers are those who understand the business well and the graduate program is intended to give a broader business acumen to those who wish to pursue careers in IT. Graduates are paired with mentors – senior managers from within AZ’s global talent pool – from day one of the program and are also supported by a program manager, a business need, a line manager and a network of graduates and ex-graduate program participants throughout their time in the program.

Which formal qualifications do I need for the Operations and IT Global Graduate Program?

As a minimum, a University Degree equivalent of BA, BsC, MsC in any discipline.

What should I attach if I have not yet completed my master's degree?

Please indicate your expected final degree level and attach copies of any reports or certificates you have received in support of this expected outcome.

What should I attach with my application?

Please attach a CV to your application and any other documentation that shows your suitability for one of our roles. Your CV should show relevant dates; education establishments; work experience and any other relevant skills and experience that you have in support of your application.

What types of roles will be available to me in the MBA Program?

Since the program is tailored to the individual, your first role will depend on your experience and the development needed to be able to reach a senior management position, as well as the available opportunities.

What is "Summer Research School"?


AstraZeneca has a Summer school for two weeks for students between in secondary school in Södertälje and Mölndal. Do you want to know more about this, please visit sommarforskarskolan.

How does the Selection Process work for the MBA program?

When the MBA program is open, your profile will be screened against the criteria mentioned.  Where there is a good fit, a member of the MBA Program Team will contact you to discuss your career preferences and the next steps involved in the selection process.

Can I apply if I have not yet completed my MBA?

Yes, when the MBA program is open – please clearly indicate the year and month of graduation. 

What are the application timelines for the MBA Program?

The MBA program is currently not open for applications. But, when we are accepting applications for the MBA program, the main recruitment activity occurs between September and June for new joiners to start between January and October each year. Ordinarily, if you apply January to June, your application will be considered for the current year. When you apply outside this period (i.e. July to December), applications will normally be considered for vacancies in the following year.

Can I submit my applications in Swedish?

If the job advert is in English, please complete your application in English. Otherwise please submit in Swedish.

Do I need to be a resident of the country where the postdoctoral opportunity is located to apply?

You do not need to be a resident of the country where you would like to apply for this program, where possible we will help to support immigration requirements and relocation for the successful candidates.

When will you open the application process for the Graduate Finance Scheme?

The scheme is anticipated to go live in November/early December but please note this is subject to change as fresh elements of the programme are being finalized.

I am experiencing difficulty with my application for the Graduate Operations & IT Programme, who should I contact?

Please contact our Centre of Excellence explaining the nature of your query and any supporting information that will allow us to resolve your query as soon as possible. Please use US number: 001-866-441-2676.

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Sponsorship/ Community Investment

How can I find out about your Community Investment, Sponsorship and Donation Policy?

Our community investment priority areas are to:

  • Improve health and healthcare services in the local communities in which our employees live and work
  • Promote science education and skills, in particular amongst young people
  • Improve healthcare in vulnerable communities through initiatives that help to strengthen healthcare capabilities

Further information on the sponsorship and community investment can be found here:

For specific country information, please refer to the appropriate country’s website:  


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